The Global Matrix for multitasking productivity

in 21th century, we need more than Eisenhower matrix. There is nothing to classify as “not-important” in the real world. Everything is “important”.

in particular, for academics..




Green area is the active working area. for ongoing projects.

Download Evernote Template: Global matrix – Template (developed by Ali Guner)

you can use anything. i prefer using Evernote.. only one note (named Global-to-do) for Global matrix template..

use “copy note link” function for designing your projects.

every project requires an additional “blackboard” note page (instead of simple texts, links of these blackboards should be used in matrix).

you can easily create daily to-do list by using “checkbox” function.

and you can sync matrix to-do-list with your original daily to-do list. (i use “taskclone”  to sync my matrix with my “wunderlist”)


Direction: Move your ideas/projects from right to left, from bottom to top (ideas–>pre-progress–>in progress (one of yellow boxes)–>in progress (green box), when you temporarily complete the project, move your project to completed/suspended box). after permanently completion, you can delete or move to another place.


P.S. for any further question, please do not hesitate asking via twitter @AliGunerMD or email or this blog.

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