5 must have apps for academics..

Before you start reading, remember that, titles are more important than specific apps I use. There are many for all. You can choose any.

But remember, the best app is the app you know how to use.

And other criteria for me;

  • Should be cheap.. free, if possible.
  • Should be sync across all platforms including computers, tablets and smart phone.
  • Should be reached from anywhere.
  • Should be combined with other apps.


These are my preferences. I decided all after I tried many of them.

1. Note-taking app: The most important one. Can be used a storage for everything. And the center of your workflow.

Among many apps, I prefer EVERNOTE..

You can use it for all.. Storage data including photos, pdfs, books, files, etc and also as reminder, to-do-list, project management, pdf reader, calendar……


2. To-do list with a reminder:

WUNDERLIST give more options, and also free version is quite useful. Good enough.


3. Calendar app:

Although Ical has many features, I prefer using FANTASTICAL app.. In all devices..


4. Email app:

AIRMAIL gives me opportunity to connect my emails with all my applications.


5. PDF reader and annotation app:

SKIM is free. And great to manage all my pdfs.




In addition to these mandatory tools, some extras;

  • Project management app
  • Reference management app
  • Presentation app
  • Writing app

Details for each title will be discussed in the future..


p.s.: i have no conflict of interest with aforementioned apps/companies.

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